Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February 2013

Looks like we were still waiting for this girl to get some hair! She hasn't got much more in the last year.   Well here we were at 2013 Super Bowl party the Newkirks. The Bears weren't in the Super Bowl but we never miss an opportunity to show our team spirit.  

A big month for Taylor Poppy: (Let's face it without her, there would be no Shaw blog!)
She stood up by herself for the 1st time. 
Got her passport (weird that her baby picture will be on there until she's 5!)
Started potty training! Whoo Hoo!

It's kind of fun to look back as I write this seeing Taylor before she could walk pushing boxes around pretty much everyone's house.

We took a trip up to Page to see the family.  As we drove home to Tempe we stopped to snap a couple of pictures at one of our favorite view points that over looks the north end of the Grand Canyon called 'The Cut'.  Little did we know it would be our last time on that road.  Just 12 hours later it collapsed.  Oh and we tried out for the Family Feud! We didn't make it, but it was fun trying out! Even if we were last up. lol!

Onward to catching up… Click Here for a few photos from February … 2013.

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