Friday, August 2, 2013

Well here we go...

I feel like the 1st year of Taylor Poppy's life was a new 1st year of life for OZ and I.  It's a whole new beginning.  ... And I love it! It's a whole new list of challenges and trial & errors.  It's been exciting, fun, crazy and rewarding!  At moments I think I can't believe we're doing this, we're really doing this!

I'm playing a bit of catch up here.  It's been 8 months already! Unreal how it flys by.  November and December were busy. Taylor turned 1! We had all 8 grandparents in town for the celebration... and celebration it was with 50-60 people piled in to our condo it was a packed house.  We had Thanksgiving at our friend Jonathan's, then the annual Train Park Thanksgiving on the Saturday after.  It was Taylor Poppy's first train ride. Went camping/ hunting... which really consist of the ladies staying at camp playing games with the kids by the campfire, and making a big lunch/dinner, while the men folk spend the morning and late afternoon out hunting.  We had one long night where Taylor was up all night and we couldn't get her to sleep.  Finally about 5 am we just said oh well I guess we're up for the day too.  And would you know it... There was a new tooth in Taylor's mouth! Her 1st tooth! All was worth it when cousin Timmy landed a nice big elk! Since it was the last day of their vacation / hunt and everyone else left it was a ton of work for OZ and Timmy to do alone, but they made it through.  While they were working on the elk and driving across the state, Taylor Poppy & I were home meeting up with my cousin Jenny, hubby Matt & baby Bea! We were so anxiously awaiting our little ones meeting! It was short visit and poor Bea ended up sick, but I loved seeing them together!  So we're looking forward to the next time we are all together again.

At 13 months she was becoming more independent.  She likes to brush her own teeth and feed herself. Taylor is pretty good at sign language. She can tell me when she wants milk, eat, more, all done, fan or book.  I like the little extra communication.  She understands open and close and likes to follow directions.

Christmas:  Whoo HOO! Taylor's 2nd Christmas was sweet.  We had a little family Christmas here in Tempe, then off to Portland for a week of Shaw family fun.  We made the rounds and saw just about everyone while we were there.  Loved every minute!! Then back to home sweet home for a simple New Years Eve.

I'll get caught up eventually.... In the meantime click here for some pictures from November/ December.

Click here to view in slide show format, it may work better.  Let me know your thoughts.